The Pieśń Wieczności programme is experimental in character. It includes Armenian, Greek and Georgian songs from medieval times, as well as hebrew songs and instrumental pieces inspired by the lyrics of these traditions. The project is the result of a search for a universal language in music, Pieśn Wieczności being the concept of director, composer and singer Borys Somerschaf, founder of the group Kairos. Along with a sixteen-member strong choir, Kairos is joined on stage by soloists Aszot Martirosjan (vocals) Tadeusz Czechak (oud), Robert Siwak/Wojciech Lubertowicz (bendir, darabuka, riqq, daf, dhol), Michał Żak (clarinet, shawm, duduk, wooden flutes), with guest appearances by Paulina Kowalczyk (vocals), Małgorzata Strojny (vocals), Zbigniew Jaremko (saxophones, clarinet) and Tytus Wojnowicz (oboe). 

The idea of combining musical spheres that represent such a sweeping variety of styles might appear nigh impossible. The group endeavours rather to be all-embracing and to exercise an open mind with regard to different musical genres. A fascination with eastern music is an over-riding aspect of the group’s inspiration, music that has its sources in, amongst other things, the beginnings of Christianity.

The group performed its premier concert in December 2001. Since that time, they have taken the stage in several concert halls, including the Lublin Philharmonic, the Pomeranian Philharmonic, the Podlasie Philharmonic, the National Philharmonic in Warsaw, and have performed in various churches during some of the major festivals that have their place in the cultural calendar of Poland (e.g. the 40th Bydgoski Festiwal Muzyczny, X Wędrowny Festiwal Filharmonii Łódzkiej Kolory Polski).