The music of Lautari is a modern ethno-jazz rooted in the tradition of Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe and Caucasus. Folk motifs played on piano, violin, clarinet and flutes, due to bold arrangements and a great dose of improvisation, create an original and fine music in which tradition encounters modernity. Lautari draws its inspiration from the music and attitudes of the Gypsy Lautars, the virtuosi of Gypsy jazz improvisation. In Lautari's compositions can also be heard the oriental ornaments, the subtlety of Byzantine music, the rhythms of the Balkans, and Slavic vigor.

The project Searching the Azaran Bird was the result of our fascination with the Byzantine music. In that world influences from different lands-Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria-all melt in one pot and various musical systems and ethos, such as traditional, ritual, dance, classic, and sacral music amalgamate into one integrity. The result of the project is the album Azaran (Samograj, Poznan 2006) recorded by Maciej Filipczuk (violin), Zbigniew Łowżył (piano), Michał Żak (flutes, clarinet, shawms), and Robert Siwak (drums) that has been awarded The Album of the Year 2006 in annual Polish Radio folk and traditional music albums competition. The band has performed succesfully both in Poland and abroad e.g. in Armenia, Morocco, Algeria, Sweden (Nybrokajen Concert Hall – Stockholm), France (L'Entrepot – Paris), Serbia (Ring Ring Festival – Belgrade), Germany and the USA (including Symphony Space in New York, The Hot House in Chicago and Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles).