Transatlantyk, like a ship in Witold Gombrowicz’s novel is sailing against the current, defiantly, on contrary to form, yet being the form, in the ethos of tradition or something else entirely; it is a migration from the cities to the villages, from the shiny night clubs to forgotten, dirty fire-stations, dump, cold and covered with the asbestic tile, quite disgusting but right in the middle of hauntingly beautiful nature. The idyll, ruthlessly ploughed through, the roads full of potholes, somewhere between Kocudza and Tomaszów Lubelski, where the noisy bus is dragging from one tin bus stop to the next, bluntly missing the turn to the wildest springs, where the birds are busy making music, a hundred yards from the loveliness. Polish grotesque. This music is the freedom beyond the pathos.

Transatlantyk are:
Ula Czerniak – double bass
Mikołaj Kubicki (a.k.a. Meek Oh Why?) – trumpet, rap
Szymon Miśniak – drums
Michał Żak – captain of the ship, woodwinds, recycling hammered dulcimer, voice