A meeting with Michał Czachowski during the Euro-Med festival in Budapest in the summer of 2007 give rise to collaboration with two groups led by Michał – Viva Flamenco! and Indialucia.

Indialucia is an international project that fuses two fascinating musical styles: Indian and flamenco. The project dates back to 1999 in India where it developed amongst tutors and pupils at the Musical Academy of Nagpur. Many noted musicians from both continents became involved in the idea that owes its conception to Michał Czachowski, producer and artistic director. This meeting of musical worlds bore fruit in 2005 in the form of a recording that soon became known in Poland and around the world.

Members of the tsigane – gypsy – people, migrating from northern India to Europe, and settling in, amongst other places, the Iberian Peninsula, contributed largely to the birth of flamenco music. Given this background, there is ample justification for the marriage of contemporary forms of flamenco with Indian music, whether Hindustani (northern India), or Carnatic music (southern India). A concert with Indialucia is a dynamic spectacle, a meeting of wonderful instrumentalists, a chance to indulge the senses in a flood of colour from the Indian subcontinent and from Andalusia. The band are:  Michał Czachowski (flamenco guitar), Pierluca Pineroli/Dobrosław Filip (cajón, palmas, percussion), Giridhar Udupa (ghatam, morsing, konnakol, kanjira), Avaneendra Sheolikar (sitar), Sandesh Popatkar (tabla), Adam Głośnicki (bass guitar), Michał Żak/Leszek Wiśniowski (wooden flutes, bansuri).

The band has played in most European countries, in Oman, Mexico, Singapore and India.